This Year, Finale National Show Choir Championships & Performing Arts Seminars will take place in the heart of performance, New York City, New York. This Event will showcase and host the nation's best high school show choirs in a four-day intesive seminar and competition.

This competition is designed to bring together the nations show choirs to the performance capitol of the world to determine which will be able to claim they are the very best in the nation.

With six separate competitive national level divisions, Finale truly covers all the bases to find the best in the country in show choir. After a Preliminary performance, the top five groups from the Large Mixed Division, and the top three groups from the Small Mixed Division, will move on to the evening finals to determine their Grand Champion in each division. The Unisex, JV/Prep and Middle School divisions will crown their Grand Champions after preliminary performance.

The creators of Finale believe that you and your program should be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. We also understand that this undertaking is not cheap, so for the first time in a national competition, Finale will award over $10,000 in cash prizes to the finalists and Grand Champions of the competition.

Finale's Performing Arts Seminars will be held the day before prelim performances and will give your students the unique opportunity to work with the top instructors in the fields of dance, voice and combo instrumentation. These seminars are included in your package and are guaranteed to create a memorable and educational environment for your students.

The "fun" factor for the students has been taken into account with Finale. As part of the performer package, the evening before preliminary performance there is a completely FREE dance/pizza party for all participants. This dance is designed for your students to have a relaxing time and also promote comradery between the participants.

Also in the "fun" factor, but keeping with the educational value and experience of New York City for the weekend, part of your package includes tickets to a Broadway Musical/Play of your choice. In addition to this, Finale also offers different dining locations that are both fun and unique to New York area to further the experience of your students, all of this is included in your package.